In which there are punts, poles and posing


Last weekend I had my send off into married life, aka the Hen Do, which was organised by my lovely (and only British based) bridesmaid Miss W.  The venue was Oxford, where nine of us punted, made cocktails and had dinner, fuelled by copious amounts of pink fizz.

And in time honoured tradition (similar to S’ pink all in one body suit), the girls made me wear a costume.

Just call me Cap'n

This stayed on all through the punting and then into the cocktail making as well, much to the amusement of the barman who was teaching us.

What was also highly amusing was the venue of the cocktail making.  Originally scheduled to be in a bar in town, there was some problem with double booking and instead we ended up in an, ahem, gentleman’s club.  Complete with red velvet seats, dubious pictures on the wall, and its very own pole.  On paper, it sounds like a really seedy venue,  but it was actually a great place to have a cocktail making class as it was cosy,  intimate – and had a very well stocked bar.

Oh, and it also provided me with the chance to pose for the following picture, which now ranks as one of my favourites, simply for the juxtaposition of glamour and swimming armbands.

(In my defence, this was after cocktail #3 and I was egged on by the others and it seemed highly amusing at the time… please don’t judge me.)


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