In which the difference between the male and female of the species is highlighted


My boyfriend’s biggest achievement last weekend: taking down the old fascia board and guttering above the kitchen and replacing it, which involved three trips to the DIY store,  the complicated gluing together of two lengths of board, working in the rain and risking life & limb on our old rickety ladder.

My biggest achievement last weekend: getting an amazing steal on manicures and pedicures for the bridesmaids and me through the power of Groupon.

(Although in my defence I was his assistant on the Sunday and also stood in the rain for a good hour or so whilst clambering up our rickety ladder.  And then I made dinner.)

The cat’s biggest achievement last weekend: staying put in the garden.  This one was celebrated by all.


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  1. Go on S getting ready since autumn seems to have arrived both in the UK and our little corner of the US in the past week… it’s good to get these things done before the winter sets in. Here at the little shack on the prairie, D likewise cleaned the gutters and sorted out a dodgy porch roof.

    Yay menfolk! I know we CAN get along without them, but they sure do come in handy, no?

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