In which there is a lot of bunting, a James Bond film and an escapee cat


The torrential rain has finally stopped and the sun has come out,  so despite my ever-increasing to do list, life is pretty good at the moment.

The three day weekend was most welcome.  I went across the bridge to Cardiff to catch up with friends at a barbecue, we had a lovely picnic at Chew Valley lake, and I watched my first ever James Bond film.  I swore I’d never sit through one but I finally gave in on Sunday night and watched Casino Royale.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it; the sight of Daniel Craig in his made to measure dinner jacket  certainly helped it along as well.

Our quest to have a grown up house continues apace with the delivery last week of two matching bedside tables.  The furniture in our house is a big mishmash of pieces mostly accrued from other people, and whilst most of them are great – my papasan chair, for example, which Monty has now claimed, or the mahogany chest of drawers my mom bought for me from the tip (!) – the bedside tables we had were not.  One was customised by me at 18 and so was dark pink with a laminated wrapping paper top and front (trust me, it is better than I’m making it sound), the other was a white melamine side table I’d had since the age of 4.  It was definitely time for something new.  So we are now the proud owners of two oak side tables, as well as the matching side lamps S also insisted we get.  Next up is a revamp (post wedding) of our bedroom, which is the one room in the house that we’re still not happy with.  After a break of 18 months from serious DIY it seems that we can’t abandon it completely; S is already planning the built in shelving and I’m thinking about paint colours, as well as an orthopaedic mattress for my old lady back.

The wedding DIY is also continuing… As well as bringing us the cat the other week,  S’ mother also brought us 15 metres of bunting that she made up from fabric I sent to her in July, which we’re going to use to decorate our venue.

S’ mother also left us her sewing machine too, mainly so I could hem our curtains, but I’ve also been experimenting with using the leftover bunting material to make some cushion covers.

I haven’t used a sewing machine in years, and had forgotten how easy they are to use and how quickly you can make something half decent.  I knocked up both of these covers in about an hour and I’m really pleased with how they look.  It seems that I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug as I now keep thinking about other things I can make whilst we still have the machine.

In other news, we have a Houdini cat, who is constantly looking for ways to make his escape.  It’s not that we’re bad pet owners, or that Monty is desperately unhappy staying at ours, but more that he resents his loss of liberty and prowling rights.  Each morning and evening we’re letting him have a supervised roam around the garden so he can feel the wind in his whiskers, so to speak, but this is a far cry from what he’s used to, which is being out all night and frisking at will.  Every time he’s in the back garden he’s plotting ways to jump onto the wall and see what’s beyond it.  Monty is eleven,  so we thought that his days of jumping up sheer walls were long gone.  Unfortunately that has now been disproved as he has managed to escape twice; once when I was on watch and then again when S was supervising him.  Both times we’ve got him back pretty quickly, but not without some serious panicking and sweaty palms and imagined conversations with my in-laws where I have to explain that we’ve lost their cat.  So every time he’s in the garden we have to be on guard and keep an eye out for him making a break for the wall.  He is not happy with his freedom being curtailed and last night was plainly sulking, sitting in the middle of the carpet with his back to us, refusing to acknowledge our attempts to stroke him.  He is also super cunning in the ways he chooses to show us his displeasure: the other night he waited until S made a 3am trip to the toilet, and then started clawing the carpet, knowing full well S couldn’t deal with it (being in full flow so to speak).  Aaaand, this is swiftly turning into a cat blog, so I shall stop right there.


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  1. The bunting is adorable and the cushions are very cute. We own a sewing machine that D picked up at a thrift shop for a tenner. It’s a very good old school Singer, but it mystifies me. My mom was a big sewer and taught me a bit – but I have clearly forgotten all I ever learned.

    Poor Monty – his imprisonment must pain him so. My cats are very decisive about whether they want to be inside or outside. Last winter during a bitter cold spell, I made them stay inside and they were v. unhappy. And, like Monty, were extremely effective in expressing their displeasure!

  2. That last line made me love you all the more. But seriously, cats are amazing. Also, I continue to be amazed with your DIY skills.

    Confession: This weekend we visited my husband’s parents and I actually brought his mother some darning to do. But in my defense, she loves to do it! Why keep her from her passion, right?

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