In which I share the fruits of my wedding planning experience


You know you’re planning a wedding when…

  • You find yourself obsessively comparing 25 versions of Vivaldi’s Winter: Largo, to get just the right tempo for walking down the aisle.
  • You spend your breaks at work drooling over online wedding porn.
  • You endlessly debate between 10 and 11 point font size on place cards and worry that choosing the wrong one will mean everyone will judge your artistic merit and find it wanting.
  • Your latest online purchases are card, vellum, ribbon and tea lights.
  • You justify spending £5 on a wedding magazine as you should really see the latest ideas on reception decor.
  • You worry about the weather forecast for seven weeks away.
  • You get excited about the postman arriving and how many RSVPs will arrive today.
  • You spend hours researching the best place to get a manicure.
  • Your to do lists include random items such as “finalise veil”, “sort out underwear” and “buy turquoise Scrabble tiles”.
  • You use the words “colour scheme” and “vision” without irony.


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  1. Seven weeks – coming up fast!!! I forgot to comment on your “tea” lights post. Love those!

    I adore all things wedding, and enjoy hearing about your little personal touches.

  2. Oh yeah! Been there, done that now!! 😛 But the few days before are wonderful, with all the wedding cards and presents that start arriving – it’s like Christmas!!

    Not too long now for you guys – enjoy this special time, it will go so fast! xx

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