In which there is a furry addition


The PFTE household has a guest for the next seven weeks.

This is Monty, S’ parents’ cat.  We are looking after him whilst they are on an extended holiday in France, as it would be a bit unfair for him to have to be in a cattery for such a long time.  As S and I are both soppy buggers when it comes to cats, it wasn’t a difficult choice.

He’s been in residence for three days now, and has already staked his claim on my papasan chair as the most comfortable place to snooze.

He’s a clever puss, who knows the best way to get anything is to look especially cute.

To say I am happy with these living arrangements is a bit of an understatement.  Last night was perfect: I was leaning against S, I had the cat on my lap, there was a romcom on TV and a bar of chocolate within reach.


(All I need now is for my nose and eyes to get used to cat fur again.  Until then, I’ve got industrial sized vats of Flixonase.)


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  1. So sweet. I love it when my cats cuddle up with me in the evening. Once when D was watching us, amused, all curled up together I said “this is why I got cats.” And the quote has stuck with us ever since.

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