In which my future husband wears pink lycra


I am pleased to announce that S got back in one piece from the stag – he still had both his eyebrows, no bones were broken and his liver was in pretty good shape.  Of course, it wouldn’t have been a stag do without some form of humiliation, which his friends achieved by dressing him up in a pink all-in-one lycra suit, fairy wings and striped socks, and pimping his bike with tinsel streamers, a pink basket, yellow tyres and spokey dokeys.  I do have photographic evidence of this but unfortunately there has been a ban on publishing it…

Whilst he was scaring Scottish cyclists (can you imagine being overtaken on the trail by someone in a bright pink catsuit?), I had a very productive time by myself, which included making these candles for the wedding:

They were one of the easiest things I’ve ever made, especially having my lovely assistant A there to help pour and straighten candle wicks.  Props to my mother for trawling through endless charity and junk shops to find all the cups!  The plan is to use them to decorate the conservatory at our venue, which will be where people can relax in away from the music and dancing.  One DIY project down, only 37 to go…


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  1. @ Em – well, that’s one way to recoup some of the wedding costs – I could reuse the cups, make more candles and sell them on!

    I will be posting other DIY projects (thanks for the encouragement) – at the moment we’re working on the table centrepieces and then next up are homemade bouquets to get around my pollen allergy…

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