In which I get to talk some more about my wedding dress shopping


Firstly, thank you for your comments regarding my last post.  I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is not the best at coping with change.  Echoing what Em said,  I feel like I ought to be growing up but sometimes  it seems that I’m not quite ready for that yet.  The news I received was actually very happy and joyful – it’s just something that was so out of leftfield that I was completely overwhelmed by it.  It has also got me on the horns of a dilemma which is going to make for some interesting decision making over the next few weeks…

Anyway!  Onto cheerier things!  S is off on his stag do this weekend, where they will be going up to Scotland for some mountainbiking, plus comedy at the Edinburgh Festival.  I think you can guess which of those activities I am the more envious of.  I will have the house to myself for four days, so I will be using the time to create a wedding related project with the help of my lovely friend A.  My parents are coming down for dinner on Friday night en route to Cornwall, so I shall be making Thai red curry and carrot cake in their honour.  And on Saturday I’m off to London for a friend’s birthday, which will involve dinner, dancing and drinks, all of which are always welcome activities.  So I shall be too busy to worry about S and whether his friends hold good on their threat to make him wear a costume whilst biking and fill his Camelbak up with beer.  All I am praying for is no broken bones…

Other good news – that isn’t sending me into a tailspin – is that I have just managed to score a work experience placement with a local publishing house, which I am very pleased about.  I feel about 16 again, going in for work experience, and I’ll probably be the oldest intern in there by a decade, but I’m really excited about the possibilities and where this could take me.  It’s going to be a mixture of editing, researching and writing, and as one of the magazines is a wedding one, fully expect my own life to be plundered for copy.  In fact I’ve already been asked to write a feature about choosing my wedding dress – something which most 16 year olds aren’t equipped to do, I’m guessing.  And, as you may remember, choosing the dress was something I spent a long time doing, so I may as well try and get another 1500 words from the experience.


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  1. I would love to share the news but unfortunately I can’t – yet. But it is lovely and as soon as I have permission from the person concerned, I will. Sorry to be tantalising!

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