In which I manage to justify working in my pyjamas


Since entering into the murky waters of freelancing in May, I’ve been spending lots more time working from home.  And the more I do, the more I like it.  Yes, it can be tricky sometimes; there is always the distraction of cleaning the house, or reading a book, or t’internet.  But my years of being an English student with minimal contact time (only 6 hours per week as an undergrad) and having to be very disciplined outside of lectures is standing me in good stead, as I find that once I get going on something, I won’t stop until it’s done.

Working from home also has some great advantages, namely:

– I can work in my pyjamas.  I know you’re not meant to, as experts claim you need to set a boundary so you delineate between work time and leisure time, but I see the fact that you can if you so wish a major perk of the working from home malarkey.

– I can work in my pyjamas from my bed.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t conduct all my business from here, but sometimes, sometimes, it’s just so delicious to be sitting between the sheets, PJs still on, cup of coffee by my side, tapping away on the laptop.  Thank goodness for wireless!

– The magic of wireless also means that if I’m craving human company I can pop into my local cafe and do things from there for a bit, whilst also enjoying some millionaire shortbread and a hazelnut latte.

– If I want to take a two hour lunch break and meet up with a friend, I can.  There’s no manager keeping an eye on when I clock in or out.  Hurrah for autonomy!

– Getting up in the mornings is a very painful process for me.  On the days when I work from home I can take it a lot more slowly and ease myself into the working day, rather than having to rush out of the house to catch my train.

– I get to check the post first, and with all these RSVPs coming in, have first dibs on knowing who is coming (37 and counting!).

In fact, as I type this, the thought of office life is fast losing any appeal it might have had.  The only thing that could possibly save it is the introduction of  PJ Friday, but I’m not sure my boss would agree to that…


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  1. With the new job in April I negotiated Fridays working at home, and it is AWESOME. I too thought I might have a tendency to be distracted, but I found I am way more efficient on Fridays than I am in the office the rest of the week.

    The unfortunate part, from my perspective, is that I’m actually TOO dedicated… like starting work right when I wake up at 6 am and not really taking a break until I force myself to quit at 7 pm. I know that’s nuts but the workload is so intense… it’s just so much easier to do “one more thing” when I’m comfy in my PJs and don’t have to try to get on the road before the evening commute gets too heated (a rule I adhere to with nearly military precision when I’m in the office).

    Glad your freelancing is working out so well!

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