In which there is an invitation to wed


I don’t think I want to see another stick of glue or an envelope for a very, very long time after devoting the last fortnight to getting our wedding invitations ready.

This was an epic task that was made bearable by breaking it down into several sessions.  After our abortive camping trip two weeks ago, we used our unexpected spare time to complete the first stage, the making up of 57 pocketfolds and addressing of 57 RSVP envelopes (sweetened by doing it outside in the garden in the sunshine).  This Saturday then saw us putting everything together, a multi stage event involving much licking, sticking and writing, and which took three hours, several cups of coffee and one phone call to my dad to check the etiquette on how to address grandmothers.

Initially S was all for passing on a paper invite and going the email route, but I saw this as a chance to get crafty and creative and draft in the super skills of my brother, graphic designer extraordinaire.  He very kindly offered to design something for us and not being talented in this department ourselves, S and I jumped at the opportunity to have someone who does this for a living take control.

Obviously I’m biased, but I have to say that my brother is truly amazing; from the most vague brief ever (“well, we don’t want anything traditional with silver swirly writing, we like turquoise and cerise pink, we want to use a pocketfold, and we really Scrabble tiles as a design idea”), he came up with this:

(Apologies for my rubbish editing skills – I only had Paint available and it’s not the most delicate tool.)

Ever since we started planning our wedding, we’ve both wanted it to be as DIY as possible, and what’s really helped is that lots of family and friends have offered time and skills to help us achieve this, something which we are so, so grateful for.  Our invitations are a brilliant example of team work, and to say we’re thrilled with them is an understatement.

Of course, having such great invitations means that the bar is now set really high for the rest of the wedding details…  wonder if my brother is any good at making bouquets?


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  1. Adorable invitations! Love the Scrabble tiles.

    Are you nervous or stressed about the big day? Did preparing these invites make you feel like it’s all kicking into high gear?

  2. Aw, thanks you guys! I shall pass on your kind words to my brother.

    Keenie Beanie – I got so caught up in making the invites and then ensuring they all got posted on time that it wasn’t until rsvps started coming back that I thought, oh my goodness, we’re getting married! I’m not stressed at the moment, as everything that so far can be done is, but I am starting to finalise all the little details and I know that trying to sort everything so it matches the vision in my head will be tough. Reading wedding blogs and seeing the amazing finishing touches people have is now causing me to hyperventilate somewhat! But I’m trying to keep it all in perspective; as long as we end up married, and people have a good time whilst we do, the rest is just a bonus.

  3. Helen, these are absolutely lovely!! And it makes it so much more special when you make them yourself! Tom and I designed ours as well, it was so much fun. Didn’t involve glue sticks though – just Photoshop 😛

    Like you, I’ve found getting the RSVPs back a big reality check! I’ve had a few “oh my, we’re actually getting married!” moments!! Isn’t it exciting?

    Hope you guys enjoy this special time! 🙂 x

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