In which there are many, many bottles of wine


I don’t know about you, but I always have this much wine in my spare room.

All together now, "88 bottles of wine on the floor, 88 bottles of wine, take one down, pass it around..."

The above represents the fruits of a wine hunt in France the other week, where our mission was – in addition to eating lots of cheese – to buy all the wine for the wedding.

The vin mousseux (or, to be less pretentious, sparkling wine) was selected on the basis of some very arduous blind taste testing, sitting in the sunshine in the garden of the cottage where we were staying.  S’ parents selflessly gave up an hour or two to help us decide on the best one to buy, as well as sampling some red and rose along the way.  The result?  88 bottles of wine bought, packed into our car and now residing in the spare room until the wedding.

Oh the self restraint required not to drink any of it before October!


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