In which I am still Lost


We finally finished Lost last week after racing through series 5 and 6, surviving on less sleep than usual as we watched “just one more episode” before going to bed.

I have devoted five years of my life to this show, getting several other people hooked in the process (sorry Charlie).  It’s been fun; when the plot lines started to flag a little, there was always Sawyer or Jack to stare at lustfully, and S would happily watch Evangeline Lilly all day.  I was, however, hoping – probably naively – that the final series would wrap things up and answer most of the questions I had.  Sadly, beyond satisfying my girly side with all the couples’ reunions, there are still many, many things I don’t understand.  In fact, some of them happened so long ago that I can’t actually remember them any more, so this video has been useful as an aide memoire for all the hanging plot threads.

Thank you JJ Abrams, for stealing away HALF A DECADE of my life and not giving back anything concrete in return.  And by the way, Cloverfield wasn’t very good either.

So Lost is finished, Glee is over for now, and football is currently ruling the airwaves… I think there’s going to be a lot of reading going on this summer.


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  1. I was initially miffed by the Lost finale too as I watched it, but then I read a bit of other people’s interpretations of it and found I could actually get on board with the message it tried to convey.

    And with the way England have been playing (much to my husband’s chagrin) – the world cup may not rule the airwaves there for long, no?

  2. If England keep being as lame as they currently are then yes, they are definitely going out soon! Then maybe I can walk across Queen Square again – at the moment it’s fenced off as a football park and you can’t gain access to it, which is super frustrating as I work just off it.

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