In which there are some small things that always cheer me up


I’ve been thinking lately about the simple things in life that make me happy.  An entire day can be improved by the smallest action or gesture, either cheering me up from a blue funk or just making me smile more.  Things guaranteed to make me feel better are:

–         A decent cup of coffee (latte or brewed strength 5 cafetiere coffee)

–         A massive hug

–         Getting a letter or card in the post from a friend

–         Unexpectedly catching a good film on TV

–         A bar of dark chocolate

–         Hearing a great song on the radio

–         Buying a new lip gloss

–         My hair behaving the way it ought to

–         Wearing a favourite piece of jewellery

–         Receiving a compliment from a colleague or complete stranger

–         A glass of red wine

What about you?  What are the little things that can turn your day around?


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  1. Your list is great, and includes many great pick-me-ups that I enjoy too.

    I like it when the traffic lights mostly turn green as I approach the
    intersections on my daily commute – that happened on my birthday this year, and it was like a little gift from the traffic gods.

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