In which I discover the joys of Anthropologie, and try to forget about football


I hate football.  The thought of the World Cup dominating the airwaves and the papers and everybody’s bloody social lives for the next few weeks is not appealing in the slightest.  And if I hear another vuvuzela horn, I shall go mad.  (And I am not the only one, it seems.)  Which is why I am skulking upstairs on the bed, stuck in on a Saturday night, and everybody else is watching England v. the USA.  Hmph.

So I am going to counteract the pervading air of masculinity currently wafting through my house by writing about the very girly shopping trip my mother and I went on yesterday to London, which was to celebrate my birthday and also compensate for the fact that I am definitely now in my “late twenties”.

Feeling like I was playing hooky from school (oh the joy of being a part-time freelancer though,  as you can take a day off without too much hassle), I caught the coach at stupid o’clock and met Mom at Victoria.  After fuelling ourselves with coffees and pain au raisin we hit the West End, picking up some bits for the wedding here and generally mooching and browsing to our hearts’ content.  We then had afternoon tea, complete with silver teapots, at this elegant hotel, and later on drank wine and ate tapas at a second lovely hotel (ignoring the football on the screen in the corner). My brother made a surprise appearance, which was ace, and Mom called us both middle-aged as we discussed how much we hated people who listened to their music in public places without headphones.  But now I’m in my late twenties, I feel I am allowed to air such opinions.

One of the best things about the trip was when we were on our way back to the tube station and I spotted the newly-opened Anthropologie on Regent Street.  Remembering Em’s advice to me to visit this shop if I was in London, I asked Mom if she wouldn’t mind if we went in for a browse.  Well, all I can say is that it is a miracle we escaped without some serious dents in our credit cards.  It’s an absolute dream of a place, three floors of beautifully arranged clothes and homewares that lure you in with their freshness and colours and originality.  The stunning living wall of plants that stretches the entire height of the building is worth a trip in itself.

Photo from Anthropologie website

We both commented that it’s one of the nicest shopping experiences we have ever had – so much thought that has been put into the layout and the decor.  I honestly could have bought up half the shop and it was only through some severe willpower that neither of us bought something… but I will be back!


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