In which we become addicted to some angry birds


Our friends introduced us to this game last Friday.  Within 12 hours, S had downloaded the Lite version onto his iTouch, mastered all twelve levels and paid 59p for the full game.  By Saturday evening we were both fully fledged Angry Bird Addicts.

The only thing stopping me from following suite is a lack of space on my iTouch.  Instead I keep stealing his so I can master yet another level and crush those pigs.  I’m not proud of myself.  But I can’t help it.  Damn those finches! And damn you friends, for giving me the means to suck away precious hours when I could be doing something a lot more constructive, such as cleaning my oven sorting through my clothes going for a run catching up with Glee.


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  1. Thank goodness I don’t own an i-anything… I don’t need ANOTHER time suck! But since you’ve already completed your “Sorting out our life” project, you are entitled. 🙂

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