In which I am grateful for small mercies


Yesterday was a pretty rubbish day, for several reasons, but mainly due to recalcitrant 16 year olds and their moaning.  By the time I got home all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch TV whilst eating pasta and chocolate cake.  Wednesday nights are trapeze nights, however, so I forced myself off the sofa and into my yoga pants.  As always, I’m really glad I did; there’s nothing like hanging upside down to take your mind off your problems.  We also did some new moves in the hoop, which is a piece of equipment I only tried for the first time last week.  I’m really liking the hoop, despite the fact it doesn’t like my back – because it’s just metal with no padding, it has scraped a raw patch on my skin where I kept moving through it.  War wounds aside though, I enjoyed pushing myself to try new things and experiment with moving in the air in a different way.

Today has been much better, for several reasons.  Someone handed me a copy of a free new fashion and lifestyle magazine on my way to work; I got the last copy of Metro at the train station; the sun is shining, at last; and I have leftover pasta for lunch.  Small things really can make you feel a lot happier.

Also in the list of things that have made life better, we finally have a new government after nearly a week of negotations.  As a lifelong Lib Dem supporter – my parents had me stuffing leaflets through doors for Somerset  MP Jackie Ballard at the tender age of 11 – I am pleased that they finally have a chance of governing, albeit with strange bedfellows the Tories.  There are many grumbles from many people that the Lib Dems have so much power after only getting 57 seats, but that just illustrates how screwed up our voting system is; if a party gets 23% of the vote, it really ought to translate to more than 8.8% of seats in the Commons.

I have no way of knowing whether this  coalition will work out,  as I am no politics expert, but I am optimistic.  And let’s face facts, it can’t be any worse than the regime of the last three years.


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  1. Your trapeze work is such a cool workout/hobby/passion. I’m not sure I wouldn’t be petrified with fear being up there. That being said, the only time I ever went to a rock climbing gym, safe and secure in my climbing harness, I absolutely loved it – and happily climbed three stories up without compunction.

    Are you in a harness when you’re doing the trapeze thing? Or is there just the safety of the net below?

  2. Krys – the trapeze I do is static trapeze, and we don’t actually go too high (between 5 and 10 feet). There are crash mats underneath but no harness or net, which tend to be used only for flying or swinging trapeze, or when we’re doing some more risky things and need extra security! I know what you mean about heights; I have to steel myself to do certain moves which terrify me, such as forward rolls off the front of the bar. It is good fun though, which is why I persevere in trying to overcome the fear!

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