In which there are 41 hours left


I’m on the homeward stretch with my brace.  In less than 2 days, it’s going to be off and I will have a straight smile for the first time in 8 years.

It was a surprise when my orthodontist told me last week that I was finished with the fixed brace, as I’d been expecting to have it on until at least August, and there was always the slight nag at the back of my mind that he might have to perform a temporary take off for the wedding.  (Wedding cake and braces might have proven to be a lethal combination, all that dried fruit and icing getting stuck – imagine the photos!) I thought my teeth looked to be in the correct position, but orthodontists = perfectionists, so I was envisaging another few months in order for them to move another millimetre or two to make them just so.  But nope, he’s pleased with the results (and, cynically, is probably keen to get me off the books and make room for someone else), so Friday is it – they come off and I can once more smile without worrying that a piece of my lunch is on show to the world.

These last six months have not been easy, but they’ve gone mercifully quickly, and I’m really pleased that I’ve done it.  Props to S for his amazing support; making me soft dinners, putting up with finding little rubber bands all over the house, taking pictures of my teeth’s progress to keep me positive and telling me I still look beautiful to him, despite half a pound of metal in my mouth.

Bring on Coca Cola, corn on the cob and snacking between meals!


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  1. And apples.
    I had one for 4 years, and eating apples whole was such a revelation.

    You’re going to love your new teeth. xo

  2. What a result! I bet you feel like there is a huge great gap of empty space between your teeth and your lips when it finally comes… a truly bizarre feeling that I’ll never forget.

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