In which there is a decision, finally, and therefore no more discussion about dresses (at least not for a few weeks, anyway)


So my idea of going to another wedding dress shop on Saturday?  Yeah, well that was probably not one of my best ones.  Because inevitably I ended up trying on yet another dress that I loved, that made my waist look miniscule, and made me feel like The Bride.  Cue another two days of dreams, vacillating, yada yada yada… you get the picture.

But!  A decision has been made (and a credit card payment made, which definitely sealed the deal).  In the end I have blocked my ears to the siren call of long trains and corseted bodices, and opted for the chiffon halterneck.  It feels pretty good, actually, like a massive weight has been lifted (and not just the weight of a heavy satin train).  I can get on with important things like work and meetings and what shoes to wear with the dress.  Best of all, I can put a massive line through “dress” on my wedding to-do list.  One task down, only seventy five to go…


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