In which there is rejoicing that it is the weekend


I have had a pretty awful few days, in terms of work.  A project I am responsible for has spent the past few weeks falling apart at the seams, and just when I thought I had it sewn back up – a few messy stitches here and there, but otherwise OK – someone else came along with a big pair of scissors to destroy it again.

(Gosh, that is a long sewing metaphor.  I think I have sewing on the brain after spending Sunday night crafting a cover for my new iPod touch.)

(Which, by the way, is awesome and is probably worth its own post.)

But, it is now Friday, which means it is the weekend, which means several things:

a)     I am getting a haircut tonight, which is much needed.

b)     Our plan for tonight consists of dinner, a bottle of red, and Rabbids 2.  This is the perfect antidote to my hellish week.

c)      We are driving to Portsmouth tomorrow, to see my parents and then surprise my Nan on Sunday.  She turned 90 on Wednesday, and so the whole family – S and I, my brother and his girlfriend and my parents – is going round for afternoon tea, bearing cakes, flowers and cards.  I found a recipe for red velvet cupcakes – beloved of Dolly Parton and other Southern belles in Steel Magnolias – and so I’m going to give them a go. A few sprinkles on top and we should have ourselves a party (albeit one at a pace suitable for a ninety year old).

d)     I have an orthodontist appointment on Monday, which means I definitely get a day off work and maybe get told that I can stop wearing rubber bands.  This would be excellent – I am sick of them pinging off when I eat anything chewy and I’m also sick of accidentally swallowing them – rubber + intestines cannot be a good mix.

Cake, wine, family and nicely groomed hair – just what the doctor ordered.


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  1. Shame about the work project… fingers crossed it comes out alright in the end.

    Would love to see the ipod cover, BTW.

    Red velvet cake is my fave, so one of my dear friends made me red velvet cupcakes for my birthday in January and they were divine. Hope your nan enjoys hers as much as I did.

    Happy Friday! (Well, given the time difference – Happy Weekend!)

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