In which there are a few things apropos of nothing much


1. I learnt how to cast on stitches for knitting last night.  This was after I made dinner (to a new recipe), mended some clothes and reorganised my sewing bag.  I felt like a throwback to a 1950’s housewife.  But I am pleased I finally mastered casting on, even though it took over an hour to get twenty good ones.  At least the Brits was on in the background and I could amuse myself with the usual presenting mistakes and mad wigs.

2. I’ve decided to join the modern world and buy an iPod.  I’ve never, ever had one, or any proper sort of MP3 player – in fact, I still have a CD walkman in the cupboard.  I’ve never even downloaded a track in my life.  Seeing the fun S and other people have with their iPhones and iTouches, though, means that I feel it’s time I joined in.  Come Saturday, I will be able to discuss apps and stuff with the best of them.  I can then use my newly acquired skill in casting on to knit it a little cover.

3. BBC3 was showing the men’s snowboard cross from the Olympics on Monday night and I was surprised how much I got into it, considering that I usually dislike watching competitive sport.  By the big final I was literally biting my nails as Seth Westcott and Mike Robertson fought it out.

4. I’m off to Thailand in three weeks, and just gave myself a heart attack by reading the Foreign Office’s current advice about the country.   This is on top of already worrying about getting malaria and sunstroke from the high temperatures.  Oh well, if the worst happens at least I’ll go having eaten lots of noodles.

5. Our friends visited at the weekend, who we hadn’t seen since getting engaged (and since their wedding in South Africa, where giraffes were present at the ceremony, which tops anything we can organise in the West Country – only an honour guard of badgers will be able to compete).   So to celebrate, they brought us a bottle of Moet et Chandon rose champagne, which came in a really funky pink box too – very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Champagne is lovely; pink champagne is even lovelier!

Everybody should have friends like these!


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  1. OMG – wasn’t that boardercross finale fantastic?! To succeed at the Olympics, there are many sports where one must perform at the pinnacle to succeed, but in boardercross there is so much chaos that the competitors can’t control – like other people crashing into them. To make it to the medal round and then come from dead last for a gold medal… what an awesome thing. I freaking love the Olympics.

    That champagne bottle is soooo cute. I’ve never had pink Moet before – will have to look out for it.

    Looking forward to hearing about your Thailand trip. It should be great!

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