In which there is a venue and a menu but not much else (at the moment)


This wedding planning malarkey is a lot of fun, I have to admit.  It’s a chance to have creative control over a whole day (well, joint creative control) and plan lots of details.  This leads to list making, which is definitely one of my favourite things to do.  There is something so satisfying about striking a bold line through a task you’ve finished.

(I confess, sometimes I put a task on the list that I’ve already done, just so I can cross it off straightaway.)

(My name is Helen and I’m a nerd.)

Talk to me around August, and I’ll probably be stressed, but right now?  It’s great.  We’ve not actually sorted much at the moment but we’re definitely on the right track, and are having a lot of fun along the way.

One thing we have decided on is a venue, which is now booked.   The caterers come as a package with the venue, which is fine with us, as their food is delicious and it’s one less thing to research.  We’re now making plans for a tasting in March, so we can make sure that the pork terrine with Somerset apple chutney is the correct choice for the starter, and isn’t usurped by the roast butternut squash soup.

The legal side is also covered; we went to the register office last week and registered our “intent” to wed, which is now displayed on the notice board for the next two weeks to make sure one of us isn’t a secret bigamist.  I have to admit, it was quite a surreal experience to register: we each had to declare our father’s name and his profession (the feminist in me wanted to ask why they didn’t want my mother’s name, but I sat on her ’til she shut up, in case the registrar got stroppy).  S then had to leave the room and I had to answer questions about him, and vice versa.  Shame that the door was made of the most un-soundproof material ever and we could hear every word of what the other was saying.  But still!  It’s good to know that the council continues in its quest to make sure we are only marrying those whose profession we can name!

My tea breaks at work are spent looking at sites such as Once Wed, Rock n Roll Bride and Style Me Pretty, or browsing Etsy for feathered hairclips and birdcage veils.  (If anyone can recommend a shop or seller that stocks birdcage veils, preferably in the UK, please do let me know).  My mother is geared to come up for a day of dress shopping in April – we’re going to hit five shops in one day, so no doubt we’ll be frilled out by the end of it – and then we have another day scheduled for June where we’re going to go to London and visit Rigby and Peller, and maybe some accessories shops for shoes and veils.

I also made a decision the other week which I’m hoping won’t backfire: I’ve let S have complete control over the honeymoon.  We’d been throwing around some suggestions, based on a couple of very glossy Kuoni brochures he’d picked up (not that we’d actually be going with Kuoni; the fact that we’re combining our wedding cake with dessert and buying our wine in bulk from the supermarket lets you know the kind of budget we’re on), but there was just so much choice.  A friend who got married last year mentioned the other week that traditionally it’s the groom’s responsibility to sort out the honeymoon, and I thought that, since S has such impeccable taste when it comes to booking surprise holidays, I would sit back and let him take over.  He really liked the idea and has launched into it with great enthusiasm.  So I have no idea where I’ll be come October 12th, but to be honest, as long as he tells me what kind of climate to pack for, and it’s somewhere where the wildlife won’t kill me, I’m easy.

So for me, so far getting married has been an excuse for:

a)     looking at really pretty and funky things

b)     indulging my inner organisational nerd

It is also going to involve:

a)     buying really pretty and funky things

b)     tasting nice food

c)     trying out lots of different sorts of red, white and sparkling wine

And at the end of it, after I’ve had a day surrounded by all the people that I love most, I get to go off on a fantastic holiday with my lovely new husband.

What’s not to enjoy?


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