In which I get both elastics and some good news


The UK’s arctic conditions have continued and today is my second snow day in less than a year – fantastic!  I was all set to go to work – it’s not a problem for me to walk in – but the building is closed and so I can’t get into the office.  I’ve done what I can, work wise, but as the rest of the world is similarly lounging at home, there’s not a lot for me to be getting on with.

An easy day is actually quite welcome, as my mouth is killing me at the moment due to my 8 week orthodontist check up yesterday.  My wire got changed, which I was expecting, and elastic bands got added, which I wasn’t.  If a brace wasn’t undignified enough at 27, I now have rubber stretching from top to bottom, in an effort to bring my bottom jaw forward and my top jaw back.  How a piece of elastic can do this I don’t know, but the entire mechnical process of braces continues to astonish me, so I’ll put my trust in the consultant.

Despite this, yesterday’s appointment was ace for several reasons:

1. The massive build up of snow that hit Portsmouth meant that hardly anyone made it into the clinic – I was only the second patient they’d seen that morning – and so there was no waiting around.  I am so grateful to my dad for driving in very treacherous conditions and helping me to get there.

2. The barrier for the car park had clearly decided to take a snow day too and all parking was free.

3. The elastic bands come in a packet that looks like this:

4. And best of all, the orthodontist I saw – a different one to last time, the head of the clinic, in fact – told me that we can go ahead with an October wedding!  He thinks they will be completely finished with me by then, but that if not, he’ll take the braces off for the wedding and put them back on.  I’m not ashamed to say, I nearly cried with happiness.  I told the consultant he’d made my year, which seemed to make him happy, albeit a little gruffly, too.

So it’s full steam ahead with planning and lots of fun stuff to organise.  We have the venue and a date, so can move onto things such as dresses and shoes and decorations.  And menus – I am banking on at least one food tasting; how else can you decide between the chocolate mousse or the apple crumble or the creme brulee?  It’s a tough undertaking, I appreciate that, but one I am fully prepared to be involved in.


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