In which there is more reminiscing


Call me stupid, but it only occurred to me about a month ago that the end of 2009 marked the end of the decade.

(Yes, sometimes I’m a little slow at the obvious stuff.  But I’m a wizard at pub quizzes.)

The world and his wife of newspapers, magazines and websites are running reviews of the decade.  My review is somewhat more navel gazing, but hey, it’s my website and if you want to have an accurate reflection on what happened on the world stage 2000-9, I would suggest the Guardian as their writers put it much better than I ever could.  Mine would be something like:

2000: the world did not end and computers did still work.

2001 – 2007: um, not sure, really?

2008: the UK got a new Prime Minister.  That wasn’t cool.

2009: the US got a new president.  That was cool.

Theirs is a lot better.

So, in no particular order, during the last decade I…

  • Lived in four different places, two different countries and seven different houses
  • Got a BA and an MA in English Literature
  • Fell in love with Canada
  • Had braces taken off, then put back on again (with a nine year gap)
  • Had my heart broken
  • Met the love of my life
  • Bought my first house
  • Became a whiz with Polyfilla
  • Worked for a circus school
  • Was on a University Challenge team for my university
  • Hung from a trapeze
  • Visited Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Italy, Canada and the US for the first time
  • Turned 18.  Not too drunkenly
  • Turned 21.  A lot more drunkenly
  • Passed my driving test
  • Got engaged
  • Went dog sledding
  • Drank tequila for the first – and last – time
  • Had eight part-time jobs and six full-time jobs
  • Discovered that I do really like peas, after all

Here’s to the next ten years!


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