In which I look back on 2009


Only two days of 2009 are left and I’m in my usual mood for this time of the year, which is a mix of optimism and expectation for what’s coming up (a trip to Thailand and Hong Kong, a wedding to plan, many other fun things), and slight depression as New Year’s Eve looms.  I’ve never been good about celebrating NY, as I find that the expectation always gets to me a little, that you! must! be! out! having! fun!  It’s just one more night, but there seems to be extensive pressure to go out and have the best time ever, and that always ensures that whatever you do is not enough.  Plus it being the last day of the year puts me in a sense of mourning for what’s past – god, I know, I should be in my room writing extremely bad poetry whilst I listen to some Alanis Morrissette – and I find it hard to get out of a blue funk.  Pathetic, yes; every year I try and beat it, but I’ve not succeeded yet.

So before the melancholy sinks upon me, I thought I’d look back at 2009.  It’s been a pretty good year, by all accounts, and so it deserves to be appreciated before I usher in 2010, slumped gloomily over my cava in the corner of a bar.

2009 was the year it snowed a lot.  Well, a lot for us.  Firstly in February, then also last week.  This brought the usual traffic chaos and complete erasing of common sense on the part of most British people.  So 2009 will be known The Year Of Snow, AKA The Year The Country Ground To a Halt Because of 2cm Of White Powder, And People In Other Countries Laughed At Us, Especially Canadians.

(I have a lot of Canadian friends, and I distinctly heard them chuckling from across the Atlantic at our snowy incapacities – very embarrassing.)

This was the year I lost my job, which wasn’t nice, but then got another one pretty quickly, which was.  The jury’s still out about what I intend to do long term career wise, but for the moment I’m pretty content.   My proofreading work also got a little busier, which is good, and my brother designed me a kick-ass website to promote it.

S and I had one of our best holidays ever, gallivanting around Europe for three weeks, fuelled on German pastries and Czech beer and Italian ice cream.

After a nine year gap, 2009 also saw Return of the Braces: The Train Tracks Take Revenge.  It’s a decision I am very happy with, though, especially as recent photos show my front teeth have moved about 3mm and are nearly in line with the rest of the arch.  That definitely makes all the cleaning, the lack of sugar, an inability to whistle properly and the discomfort worthwhile.

I conquered my nemesis and finally, finally did a forward roll on the trapeze.  I also managed a whole load of moves I’d never been able to do before, such as Amazon and round the world and doubles moves.  I got up on silks, too (with a hefty push), and had a go on Spanish web.

And the crowning glory of 2009 was, of course, getting engaged.  We may not have a date yet, we may be in disagreement over what song we will do our first dance to, but saying yes to that question was one of the best things I have ever done.

So in the words of Bridget Jones: an excellent year’s progress.


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