In which we have Festive Friday, and less spelling accurate but alliteratively pleasing, Festive Fursday


It’s Christmas!  (Well, nearly.)  The tree went up on Monday and I had my first mince pie of the year on Wednesday, events which have marked the official start of the festive season for the PFTE household.

(I’ve just realised that the acronym for my site is very nearly the same name for the tape used in plumbing, PTFE tape.  I have no idea what that acronym stands for, though: Plumbers Trying For Excellence?  Plumbing Through Fiendish Excuses?  Plumbers That Fleece Everybody?  The latter is certainly accurate when you’ve been on the receiving end of one of their bills.)

At work we decided to have Festive Fursday and Festive Friday to speed along the last few days before the holiday, so we brought in some Christmas food to share.  Consequently my last two days of report writing and filing have been greatly cheered up by the consumption of the most alcoholically potent stollen I have ever had the pleasure to eat.  The smell of rum is palpable about 20 yards away and after eating one you get a very nice happy buzz for the rest of the afternoon.  God bless Christmas!


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