In which the brace becomes a beautician


Since I’ve had the braces put on, I’ve been making a more conscious effort to take more care of my appearance.  I figure that if the lower half of my face is going to be disfigured by a pound of metal, then I may as well make sure that the rest of me looks as good as it could.

After reading a recent article about the Clarisonic brush, I admit I was tempted.  My skin’s pretty good, but it could be better.  The price, however, was somewhat off-putting – the new radiators and paint we’ve had to buy recently don’t come cheap, as well as saving up to feed 80 people at our nuptials.  Also, when I asked S what he thought about the product, his response was sceptical, to say the least.  So I reasoned that before I went out and spent two weeks’ grocery money on a skin gadget, I should start out with the budget stuff and see if that made a difference.

I’ve never regularly used an exfoliator, but that seemed like a good place to start.  The next time I went past the chemist, I picked up a tube of Johnson’s Clean and Clear scrub and have been using it every morning in the shower, followed by a careful application of moisturiser.  Well, I can’t compare it against the results a Clarisonic would produce, but I’m happy – my skin feels a lot smoother and has a nice glow about it.

What has actually made the biggest difference to my appearance, however, is the fact that with a brace on I can’t bite my fingernails anymore.  Not that I used to do this regularly – but occasionally I would get stressed and before I knew it, my hands would be in my mouth and I’d have destroyed three weeks’ growth.  After only two weeks of not being physically able to do this, my hands look tonnes better, which shows off my (interim) engagement ring to nicer effect!  Obviously the brace is there as a long term aid to improving my physical appearance, but I never expected that it would be so effective in the short term.  It just goes to show that sometimes an archwire is the best beautician.  And it’s free, too.


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