In which I sound like a cartoon cat


It’s been an interesting three days.  My braces have been on since Tuesday, and I’ve been through a lot of different emotions.  First would be pain, certainly, swiftly followed by depression, optimism, hope and resignation.

I had a different orthodontist to my usual, a rather more cautious one, who advised that I should allow 18 months for treatment and not plan on getting married any sooner unless I wanted my dress accessorised by train tracks.  Needless to say I was gutted, as I’d been telling myself that they would be off in about nine months, so this news put a spanner in the works somewhat.  It’s completely silly, I know – S and I already live together, it’s not like getting married is going to change our lives dramatically and that we’re having to be apart until the wedding day.  It’s just that I’d got used to the idea of becoming Mrs S in October 2010, and hearing that it may take as long as April 2011 was a bit of a shock.  Apparently the average UK engagement is 18 months, however, so I guess we’re not that unusual.  And at least we have a date in our sights; I’ve never understood it when people got engaged and then didn’t do anything about for years and years.  I’m going back in January for a check up with my usual orthodontist, and I’m hoping that perhaps they’ll have a better idea of a timescale, so we can make a definite decision then about whether to plough on or hold back.

S is, as usual, being a complete star.  He even told me that he loves me even more in the braces, because I look so cute!  I’m not sure I agree with him but the sentiment was appreciated.

The braces themselves have taken a bit of getting used to, but as I’m such a veteran nothing’s happened that I wasn’t expecting.  These are actually better than the braces I had last time around, as they are a new system called Damon which are self ligating – although not self-litigating as I tried to describe to S last night; they can’t defend themselves in a court situation.  Basically there’s no need for rubber bands with this system, as the brackets have little hinges that snap open and shut to take the archwire.  This means less plaque build up, and quicker treatment time.  They’re marginally smaller than traditional ones, too, which is a bonus, although to be honest, when you’re a brace face, a couple of millimetres makes little difference.

I think I’ve lost a few pounds too, as I’ve had to live off mushy foods and not snack too much.  Soup has been my friend, along with yoghurt and brioche.  I tried a crisp the day after fitting with hilarious results – in addition to the pain of trying to bite down,  I’d forgotten that the bits of smashed potato get everywhere!  Ditto the tuna in my pasta and pesto last night; fish caught in your teeth is not a good look.  As well as being hungrier and thinner, my mouth is shredded and I can’t talk without sounding like Sylvester.

Despite all this, and despite my disappointment over the wedding delay, I am pleased I’ve bitten the bullet and gone ahead with the braces.  The orthodontist did give me the option to come back in a year’s time, but that would have meant it was hanging over me.  I like the idea of getting married with a clean slate (and straight teeth!) and not having to go back and undergo this.  Having a wedding at the end to look forward to is good, and it also means that I’ll (touch wood) be finished by the time I’m 28, rather than being 30.

Now I’d better go and start mashing up my dinner…


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