Strange things I have seen on my way to work, part 1


A van emblazoned with the company name of “Bubbles Dog Washing” (which included the very graphic tag line of “paws, fur, ears and glands”) outside our local osteopaths.  I noticed a hose running from it up the path, and turned, expecting to see a small dog being washed in places it wasn’t expecting a hose to ever make an appearance in.  Instead I see a lady using it (the hose, I mean, not the dog) to wash windows.  So what I want to know is, is the dog-washer lady masquerading on the side as a window washer?  Or does she own the osteopaths as well as the dog washing business and is using one to make the other one look better?  Or does she own all three?  You could do both dog washing and window cleaning from the same van, I suppose, as both require water, cloths and hoses.   Either way, though, that hose will have been places I wouldn’t want near my windows.


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