In which I reflect on what I have learnt from the Grand Tour


1. Walking on cobbles in European cities is nigh impossible in ballet flats or flipflops.  Several times I was ignominiously pulled up short when my foot got wedged between stones. Not a very elegant look!

2. Italian drivers are out to kill you. Milan is full of pedestrian crossings but they require nerves of steel to actually use – rather than slowing down, drivers accelerate towards you with a maniacal gleam in their eyes.

3. Never travel on an overnight train, which requires sharing a carriage with five other people, in a short skirt.

4. You will blow up your hairdryer if you put it on a 120W setting rather than a 240w one. In spectacular fashion – with flames shooting out of the bottom, a high pitched groaning noise and the fan cracking into hundreds of pieces.

5. Men selling roses are a common feature across all European cities, and they all have the same glint in their eye as they hone in on your male companion and his wallet.

6. Beer is cheaper than water in Prague.

7. Baby wipes are an essential part of your travel kit. Ditto a knife and fork.

8. The best bread is to be found in Germany. Their bakeries have no rival for variety, flavour and general deliciousness of produce. The cakes are equally yummy.

9. Gaudi’s architecture is amazing and Sagrada Familia is easily the most interesting cathedral we saw. He also died on my birthday, so I felt a kind of bond.

10. Italian ice cream + cappuccino = best things in Europe


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