In which I reflect on what I’ve learnt this week


What I’ve learnt this week:

1. That I am not as big a chicken as I like to think, as on Wednesday I finally, finally managed to do a forward roll on the trapeze.  This is a momentous occasion; I have been attempting to do this move since about February 2008 but always bottled it at the last minute.  As I’m having a four week break from classes due to the Grand Tour, I decided to give it one more shot.  With patient coaxing from my teacher, double crash mats, and a lot of willpower, I managed to lift my feet from the bar, spin around between the ropes, and land in one piece.  Twice, in fact.

2. I have a big head.  A really, really big head.  This comes as a bit of a shock as I always thought that my head was quite small.  The revelation came as I was trying on straw trilbies, again in preparation for the GT.  Last time I did this, I just thought the hats on the market stall where I was were freakishly tiny, but when I dropped in on H&M I was confronted with the cold, harsh reality via their sizing labels.  It turns out that not even the LARGE of the ladies’ hats fitted, so I had to decamp to the mens’ section – yes, the MENS’ – in order to find one.  And, to make matters just that little bit more humiliating, I couldn’t even fit into a SMALL mens’ hat, oh no.  I had to buy a MEDIUM.

I am not pleased with this bit of knowledge.

3. I am going to miss ER very much.  It was the final episode last night, so I cancelled everything else (including – and this is quite pathetic, really – a trip to the theatre) and prewarned S of the need to give me complete television control between 9 and 10.45pm.  He was also not allowed to talk during it.

I was pleased with the way it ended – some threads neatly tied up, others left pending, but in a way that meant you could imagine your own ending.  But what will I follow now?  House has moved to Sky, as has Lost, The Wire is on too late.  Therefore…

4. I need a new drama to follow which will allow me to get excited about romantic entanglements and character arcs.  One that is a) on terrestrial or digital television, b) between the hours of 8 and 11pm and c) not involving spoiled teenagers living a ridiculously opulent lifestyle.

5. It is possible to be excited about two holidays simultaneously.  As well as the GT (less than two weeks and counting), there is also the possibility of a trip to Bali or Thailand in February next year.   A very good friend of mine moved to Australia a couple of years ago, and unfortunately I can’t see myself making it out there in the foreseeable future.  But SE Asia is a convenient half way point, so along with another friend, we’re concocting plans for a temple-gazing, island-hopping, lying-on-the-beach-sipping-coconut-drinks type of holiday.

Half of my brain, therefore, is thinking about Venetian canals and drinking huge tankards of dark beer in Prague, and the other half is dreaming of sesame noodles and bright turquoise seas.  This is not a bad thing, necessarily, as long as the two do not cross, as I can’t see dark beer going with sesame noodles very well.  But I suppose I could give it a go.


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