In which I try out a nasal strip and discover the best band name in the world


The hayfever season has officially started so I made my annual pilgrimage to Boots to stock up on antihistamines.  Not that it’s a summer thing for me – I snuffle and sniff my way through the entire year, as I’m also allergic to dust and hair and god knows what else, which makes cleaning the house a fun experience – but it definitely gets worse once the trees start shooting out pollen and the rapeseed crops appear.

At the moment Boots is giving away a hayfever survival kit, that contains some vouchers, a pack of tissues, some sun cream and two nasal strips, which I’ve never tried before.  So fuelled by a couple of glasses of wine, while watching The Devil Wears Prada (I love Meryl Streep’s performance whilst S is happy ogling Anne Hathaway in her couture clothes), I decided to road test one.

They’re not the most attractive of devices – a flesh coloured strip that sticks  across the nostrils and holds the nasal passages apart.  I was quite surprised that they come in two sizes, normal and large (how big can someone’s nose be?).  They also made my nostrils tingle, in a not very pleasant way.

I guess it did work, but the weirdness of the situation outweighed any positive benefits of being able to breathe through my nose.

And S’ reaction? “I’ve never loved you more”.  Thank god we’ve been together nearly six years and nothing phases him anymore.  In fact, he then got into the spirit of the act and decided to try one too.

So there was Anne looking all foxy in her Chanel and Meryl in her Balenciaga, while we sit in our pyjamas with plasters across our noses.  Classy.

(The Best Band Name in the World, Ever! is one I spotted when driving to work.  It is – wait for it! – the Venezuelan Pig Rustlers.   How great is that?  Now I’m giving up commuting across the wilds of Somerset, I’m going to miss finding things like this.  )


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