In which I write two posts in one day


Two posts in one day does feel a bit extravagant.  But work is very slow – I am the only one in the office, and since I’m leaving in two and a half weeks (not that I’m counting), I’m getting to the stage where I’m doing all those small tasks that have been put off for months, such as filing papers from the bottom of the in tray, and making new labels for folders.  Consequently I am quite bored and easily distracted, so when Steve Wright in the Afternoon had a segment on blogs, I ended up looking up one of their recommendations – the blog by a comedian called Christina Martin.  After snorting out loud at my desk, several times (luckily the office is empty), I decided that this site is definitely worth making a note of to visit regularly.  Anything that has a post about a fat squirrel and a small child, on a bike, dressed as a tiger is guaranteed to make me chuckle.  As I’ve mentioned before, children + tigers makes me laugh anyway.

Speaking of comedians, the very talented Luke Wright is about to turn up here at any moment ahead of his show tonight, which I am very much looking forward to.  Strictly he’s a poet rather than a pure comedian, but he’s very funny.  I saw him unexpectedly at the Edinburgh Festival last year and was really impressed.  Let’s hope the torrential rain that is currently chucking down outside the window doesn’t stop people coming out for it.



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