In which I get excited about our Grand Tour of Europe


I’ve just bought travel insurance for our forthcoming trip, which has made me very excited as it’s getting close now.  S and I are going back to our student roots by interrailing around Europe, taking in five countries over three weeks.

There are many, many good things about this trip.  One is the obvious,  seeing new and interesting places.  Venice is definitely on the itinerary, which I am extremely excited about.  Barcelona is where we’re ending up,  a city I’ve been wanting to visit for ages.  Another good thing is that we get to catch up with three lots of friends who live in Germany and Spain.  And I am particularly looking forward to the delicious food and drink, namely ice cream, pasta, red wine and coffee, that I am planning to gorge on.  Can you exist solely on these for three weeks?

The holiday is made much sweeter by the fact that I have got a new job, and therefore don’t have to worry about being unemployed when I’m back.  I’ll be doing a couple of days before jetting off, so will start properly relaxed, refreshed and hopefully with a bit of a tan!  It’s such a relief to have got this sorted, and the job looks to be really interesting with lovely people.  I also won’t have to commute across the wilds of Somerset anymore, which will make my life a lot easier (and be better on the environment).

All in all, life is pretty good at the moment – the only thing that would make it perfect is for my strawberries to start fruiting.  But you can’t have everything.


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