In which I have a conversation with someone who thinks that they know me, but I have no recollection of


Have you ever managed to have a complete conversation with someone, only to walk away at the end of it thinking “who the bloody hell was that?”  That was what happened to me yesterday, as I walked back to the office after our work lunch (full of rose wine, baked Cornish mackerel and rosemary polenta, yum).  On the edge of the square, this young guy caught my eye, smiled, then came over.  He looked vaguely familiar, but more in a kind of roughly-my-age-and-wearing-the-kind-of-clothes-my-friends-wear way, as opposed to oh-my-god-it’s-my-long-lost-good-friend-way. Conversation was something like this:

Random Bloke: “Oh hi, how’s it going?”

Me [panicking wildly and trying desperately to place him]: “Good thanks.  Just back from lunch – I work over there.”

RB: “Me too, I work back there – I’m taking my break at the moment.”

Me: “Oh well, we’ll probably cross paths again soon, then.”

RB: “Yes, I tend to take my break around this time every day.”

Me: “Great, we can have a proper catch up.  Well, see you soon then!”

Exit stage right, completely flummoxed but congratulating myself on good bluffing skills.

I spent the rest of the day running through all the people I’ve met in the past five years – friend of a friend?  Ex colleague?  Worked in same area?  University? (Possible – I’m only 30 miles away from where I went to university and a huge glut of us popped over the bridge to settle here.)  Could I place him though?  Absolutely not.

The only thing I am sure of is that he isn’t part of a fruity past as, rather sadly, I’ve been a bit boring in that department and can account for everybody that I’ve ever been romantically (or fleetingly) entangled with.

I think I’m just going to have to wander outside tomorrow and see if he’s there, have a longer conversation and try to place him through leading questions.   Or just run really quickly to my office each day and pray our paths don’t cross again.  Of course, it could be that he got me mixed up with someone else, and both of us were bluffing, and even now is sitting at his desk, thinking “Friend of a friend?  Ex colleague…?”


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