In which I have a mini rant about things that are irritating me


1. The fact that in attempting to move my car so the traffic warden didn’t give me a ticket, I then managed to burst the tyre.  Subsequently I have had to leave the car illegally parked as I can’t risk damaging the wheel.  Let’s pray the note I left on the windshield explaining the situation does the trick.

2. The fact that my car was only illegally parked in the first place because the council won’t give residents reserved parking spaces on our street, which means the world and his wife use it as a car park for the local shopping centre.  This is in spite of the fact that there is a 2000 space FREE CAR PARK right next to the shopping centre.

3. The fact that because my tyre burst, I had to get the train to work.  I was late for work, as there’s only one train per hour.  Getting home?  Yep, I’ll be back about 8.30 as there’s TWO AND A HALF HOURS in between trains going back the other way.

4. The fact that the phone on my desk can’t cope with certain area codes, which means that if I want to call someone in Shepton Mallet or Wiltshire, I have to get up, go to another desk and call from there.  I know, I know, I sound really lazy, but it’s still incredibly annoying.  Especially in my current state of mind.

5. The fact that my house still looks grubby despite the thorough cleaning I gave it.  You give up two hours of your life to vacuum, polish, tidy and sort, and the result is still not satisfactory.

OK, rant over.  I do feel a tiny bit better.


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