In which I am like the proverbial seesaw


I’ve spent the past week vacillating between optimism and despair over my current situation.  Whilst I was expecting to be job hunting in the near future, nothing really prepares you for it.  And while I know that it was nothing to do with my abilities, it still feels like rejection, which I suck at handling.

S has been so good to me, boosting my self-esteem and providing body-crunching bear hugs on tap.   I’ve also found that gin soothes the savage unemployed beast.  Reminder to self: must stock up on tonic.


Onto more positive things.  It’s Friday!  And we’re heading off to Cardiff to catch up with two sets of friends.  One of them has a Nintendo Wii and has requested that we bring our copy of “Rabbids TV Party”, the latest game featuring cow throwing, karaoke singing bunnies.  I love the Rabbids series, as it is a computer game that never takes itself seriously.  What is not to like about games where to win you have to cook chickens by eating chillis and throw paper balls at a teacher?  S was very proud of himself as he got a score of 23 900 on a game where you had to run around backstage on a Jerry Springer-esque show and hog the microphone, the longer you have it causing you to rack up more points.  I think there was a glitch in the software, though, as the other rabbids in the game didn’t even attempt to wrestle it from him, but just stood around, looking vaguely bemused, while  his character ran out of sight and his score skyrocketed.  It’s a shame our wireless isn’t working or he could have submitted it to the online Score of Fame and become Rabbid-er of the Year, or whatever it is that happens.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that he would really like that.


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