In which I find out that cats have doppelgangers


Oh, how optimistic can you be?  It turns out that even peppermint chocolate and camelids with tufty legwarmers are not enough to cheer you up when you find out your job is no more.

The contract for one of my positions was set to run out in June, and while I’d been expecting that it may not be renewed, it was still a bit of a shock when I found out for definite that it’s not going to be.  I thought the writing was on the wall when we all got an email from the Chair of the Board, praising our hard work and professionalism.  Be warned: this is never a good sign!

So, it’s back to the drawing board of applying for jobs, a task which is made slightly trickier by the fact that any new position has to fit in with my remaining part time job.  The good side of this is that many of the jobs on offer in arts education are also part time, and I’ve already spotted a couple of potentials.  Fingers crossed…

On a more positive note, despite the rubbish news that heralded Friday, my weekend was superb – good friends, lots of alcohol, sunshine, fresh air, and the attentions of one of the biggest cats I have ever seen.  My friend has a Norwegian Forest Cat who has a) the largest paws ever to grace a mog, and b) the longest fur in the feline world.  He was so gorgeous, and seemed to take a liking to me – we spent quite a while cuddled up on the sofa, bonding while I tickled his chin.   His bulk meant that sitting on my lap wasn’t physically possible, but we developed a good technique whereby he nestled under my arm with his paws on my legs.

My friend also has another, more normal sized cat who is a dead ringer (no pun intended) for my late cat Pushkin.  She shuffled off this mortal coil last year, and I still miss her, but it’s good to know that there is a younger version of her out there who likes to wander amongst the daffodils as she did.


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