In which it’s sometimes the simple things that make you happy


I’ve been fighting a bug for the last couple of days, feeling hot and cold by turns, shivery, achey and crap.

(As I wrote the above sentence, I suddenly got a vision of me standing up to a giant cockroach, poking it with an umbrella and forcing it back down into the sewer where it came from.  Maybe I’m more ill than I think).

So my body isn’t behaving as it should.  When you feel like this, though, it’s amazing how small things can make all the difference to your state of mind.  At the moment I am cheered by the fact that I am:

1. Eating a Fry’s peppermint cream, one of my all time favourite chocolate bars.

2. Drinking a cup of coffee.

3. Looking forward to the weekend when we’re visiting our friend – who lives on a farm, complete with alpacas!

If chocolate, caffeine and a furry South American ungulate can’t cheer you up, nothing will.


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