In which I eat lemon curd yoghurt and dance like Helen Richardson Khan


I currently have two jobs, both of which are in an educational capacity for arts organisations.  Working in the arts can sometimes be a complete pain, what with funding issues, statistical returns and general politics.  Every once in a while, however, I have these moments where I realise that in the scheme of things, I am incredibly lucky.  I had one of these this week, as my time has been spent:

– going to a Bollywood dance workshop in a school with 5 and 6 year olds.  Imagine 25 little ones doing classical Indian hand positions and shouting along to Om Shanti Om.  Then add two adults, myself included, jumping around like lunatics, trying to keep up.  Smile at the resultant wonderful chaos!

– showing 75 ten year olds around the theatre, explaining what we do, how lights work, making the smoke machine envelope me in a misty swirl and sounds echo around the auditorium.  I had a little girl stick her fingers in her ears when I started talking about the “ghost light“, but I don’t think  she’s scarred for life.  The highlight of the trip for them, however, was when our resident theatre dog dashed on and completely upstaged me mid flow about proscenium arches.  Introduce a cute scruffy terrier and you’re bound to be a hit with children.

The other highlights of my week were finding lemon curd yoghurt  for sale in Tesco and my new stripey tights. I came upon the yoghurt by happenstance on my lunch break and looked forward to eating it all afternoon – it didn’t disappoint.   Neither did the tights – I’ve been hunting for ages for a pair that didn’t make me look like either the Wicked Witch of the West or a 12 year old, and finally tracked this pair down on the internet.  With all the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I haven’t really been able to wear them, but roll on June – no doubt our summer will be as poor as it has been for the last two years and there’ll be ample opportunity to show them off.


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