In which Nobody Does it Better


Gosh, this week has gone quickly.  It’s the first week that I’ve got to use the new planner, and I have to say, it’s been good.  I’ve got up to the end of September in filling out the dates, but have been too lazy in the last couple of days to finish it off.  There’s been a lot of compliments, too, although several people have called it a Filofax, which I don’t like, as it brings up 80s’ connotations of shoulder pads and mobile phones the size of small dogs and men drinking champagne in bars called Bubbles.  Also, technically it’s not a Filofax anyway – it’s like calling all ballpoints Biros, and all wallplugs Rawlplugs.  All vacuum cleaners Hoovers.  You get the picture.

(I think this anal trait of mine for Calling Things By Their Correct Name stems from my mother, along with the strong compulsion to correct misplaced apostrophes on signs and to physically restrain people when they turn the corners of pages down on books.  I’m not proud of it.)

Anyway!  I digress.  The planner is great, and I feel more organised, and I still keep stroking it which looks a little weird, but hey, I don’t care.

My current ear worm stems from the fact that I picked it for my trapeze routine, which I started planning in class this week.  It’s coming on well, although there was a dangerous moment where a split leg drop to candlestick resulted in some, shall we say, intimate bruising, but I’m feeling better today.  It’s also been a week of fitness as I did a dance workshop through work on Tuesday, followed by a run, followed by trapeze, followed by jazz last night.  I’m still in shock about the run (see my About page), but when S said he was going on one, and invited me along, I heard myself saying “yes”.  Clearly my mouth was working on a separate system from my brain, which was screaming “No, sweet Lord, why would I want to pound along concrete and have strangers give me evil looks for taking up the pavement?” So I went, and it hurt, but in a good way, I suppose, and I did feel quite virtuous, and I was able to have one two several mini muffins at work without feeling guilty.


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