In which the sun comes out and I get to wear my favourite jacket


We’ve had a bit of a false Spring this weekend, with temperatures high enough to enable me to discard my heavy winter coat and put on my favourite mulberry coloured cord jacket.  I doubt it will last, but it makes a nice change from all the snow.  S and I celebrated by being very lazy, our lounging around the house only punctuated by a trip to Weston super Mare on Sunday for some bracing sea air (plus ice cream), and his cousin’s baby’s first birthday party on Saturday.

(What does that make her, by the way?  Second cousin?  First cousin once removed?  He is referred to as “Uncle”, which makes it easier, but whenever I’ve tried to find out the official title, I’ve had conflicting answers.  If anyone can help, please do).

The party rated highly as even though it was for a one year old, there were copious amounts of alcohol including fizzy pink wine, which is highly appropriate for toasting a birthday girl, don’t you think?  I also ate far too many pink cupcakes and also tried “baby sweetcorn rings”, which were surprisingly tasty.  S and I got to play with numerous toys and baby gadgets, including a great hand puppet shaped like a rabbit in a lettuce, complete with caterpillars and bees hiding in its leaves.  I was sorely tempted to leave with it tucked under my jumper, but decided that was too mean to do to a baba.  S impressed mothers when he referred to their babies “cruising”, which is a term we learnt from our friends at dinner on Friday night who have a nine month old.  It describes when the child starts standing and moving around the edges of a room, keeping hold of objects for balance, so while it sounds like something George Michael does on Hampstead Heath, it is in fact an important developmental stage.  Apparently.

We also had several people ask where our baby was (to which I so wanted to reply “Damn!  I knew there was something I’d left in the shop!”); a natural conclusion, I guess, but it did freak us out a bit.  Driving home, we came to the conclusion that whilst babies are fine to play with for an afternoon, we are definitely not at the stage where we want to have one at home with us.   As our evening consisted of lying on the sofa watching Gremlins and drinking wine, I don’t think we are capable of it yet, either.  Which is fine by me.

Gremlins was great, by the way.  It’s all part of S’ endeavours to make me watch more “classic” films (and I use that term lightly) as he is constantly gasping in disbelief that I haven’t seen Full Metal Jacket/Short Circuit/some other film he thinks is amazing.  We watched both 1 and 2 and I enjoyed them immensely – any film which has a belching green monster wearing a wedding dress and bright red lipstick is all right with me.


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