In which we have a new carpet and I have a new pair of gold shoes


I don’t know, a cow goes on this site on Wednesday and suddenly there are cows everywhere…

S is now back from Canada, wind burned and deeply appreciative of the warmer temperatures of the UK.  He was forced to buy extra gloves and a facemask to cope with -15 plus windchill, but he survived and brought back all his limbs intact.  Despite an overnight flight and jetlag, he also managed to come out to the comedy club last night with me to see the fantastic Josie Long.  I drank a bucket sized glass of red wine followed by a pint of Leffe, which proved a lethal combination,  and so I’m sitting at my desk feeling a little bit delicate – if I move my head my brain takes another second to catch up with it.  I’m fantasizing about a bacon sandwich but as we lack a greasy spoon in the vicinity, it ain’t happening.  Coffee will have to do.

Today is our Deadline, which I am proud to say we have (pretty much) met.  It was touch and go for a while, but the carpet went down yesterday, which looks great.  It’s amazing how a strip of fabric can make everything look so much better.  I spent time yesterday marvelling at the fact we can now walk up the stairs without sounding like a herd of elephants.  So apart from a couple of doors and window frames, we are done – what a wonderful feeling!  Celebrations are definitely in order, to which I can hopefully wear the new pair of gold shoes that I bought earlier this week.  Thank you Holly for broadening my shoe horizons.  I would never have thought about buying shoes in this hue before, but they’re fab.


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