In which I do the Facebook meme and say 25 things about myself


1. I am a synaesthete.  I have spatial sequence or number form synaesthesia, which means that I see days of the week, or months, or numbers, in a specific pattern in my minds-eye.  It’s really hard to explain without sounding deranged so the people that do understand it tend to be one too.  We’re sort of common – scientists estimate that about 1 in 23 people have some form of synaesthesia – but there are lots of different types, such as seeing words in colour or music in colours.  I didn’t know that there was a name for how I saw stuff until recently, but it’s nice to know it’s something official and that I’m not the only one.

2. Sometimes I am so into a book that I’ll read it as I go along the street.  Whenever I see someone else doing this it makes me smile.  It’s slightly dangerous, but a book can be worth it.

3. I’m slightly distressed by how into Skins I am at the moment, considering that I’m a decade older than the characters.

4. I re-read my favourite books and hope that the ending is different, such as Rebecca or The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I think this is the sign of a good book.

5. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found the man of my dreams already, and that he wants to share his life with me.

6. My friends call me the biking widow.  I am now resigned to the fact that I share my house with piles of tools, parts and two mountain bikes, and that S cares for the bikes in a way that could be viewed as slightly obsessive.  But see point 5.

7. I really want to write a book one day – even if it never gets published.

8.  I would also like to do a PhD one day, as even though I moaned about it at the time, I loved being a student and getting to spend time doing research in the library.  The best library for this is Trinity at U of T, followed closely by Hart House.

9.  To make me happy, all you have to do is give me a bacon and egg sandwich (preferably with barbecue sauce) and a cup of coffee.

10. I love the words “soap”, “candle” and “fruiterer”.

11. My favourite move in trapeze is front balance, followed by star on the bar.

12. Sometimes I am so uncoordinated I worry myself.  The other day I tried to put my coat on and sort out my headphones at the same time.  The resultant tangle and length of time it took to sort it out was unbelievable for someone who is allegedly an adult with fully functioning motor abilities.  I still occasionally get food in my hair too.

13. I get scared about trying new things and have to really push myself.  But it’s always worth it in the end.

14. Sometimes I’ll read the same paragraph over and over because the words fit together so well.

15. S says that if I was a superhero, my special power would be speed reading.  I read extremely quickly as I see texts in chunks, rather than a word at a time.  This is both a blessing and a curse.

16. The best year of my life so far was the one I spent in Toronto.  I made some amazing friends, and learnt to love a new country and a new culture.  And poutine.

17. Autumn is my favourite season as I love the combination of sunshine and a chilly wind.

18. I will wear fancy dress at the drop of a hat, and have  a dressing up box ready for such occasions.  My last such outing was as Cher c.1989.

19. I get really excited by new notepads and love buying them, especially hardback ones.  This means I have a stack of unused ones in the house, but at least I am prepared for point 7.

20. Buying new lipbalms also makes me happy.

21. My guilty pleasure is reading

22. I like to think that I’m a good friend and that I stay in touch with people, but I’m always worrying that I haven’t called/emailed recently enough.  I think modern forms of communication such as email and Facebook make this worse.

23. I am rubbish at taking photographs and would love to learn how to do this properly.

24. I believe that grammar is important, no matter how anal this makes me look.  Lynne Truss is my heroine.

25. The best part of my job is getting to watch children’s theatre without feeling silly or having the need for a child as a legitimising prop.


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