In which our hall becomes Almond White, and I discover a new lipbalm


The hall is nearly nearly there, as we worked like trojans all weekend (apart from the odd forage out for food).  My parents have very kindly agreed to come down today for a few days and keep me company in S’ absence, as well as employing their fantastic glossing skills to finish off the last few bits.  I cannot wait for this two year, four month saga to be over…

S left for Canada today, at the ungodly hour of 3.30am.  I heard him moving around, but only managed an unfocussed air kiss in his vague direction before crashing back to sleep again.  I am not a morning person, and definitely not a oh-my-god-it’s-so-early-the-birds-aren’t-even-up-yet kind of person.  He was rather worried last night as the temperatures in Banff are hovering around the -15 mark, and he hasn’t experienced anything that low since visiting me in Toronto in 2005.  I was used to it by then – an ability which, sadly, has now left me – but S spent most of his trip shivering.  The worst was when we tried to take a walk along the boardwalk by the lake, but had to admit defeat and decamp to Starbucks to thaw him out over hot chocolate.  But I am sure his longjohns will do the trick, and fingers crossed he’ll come back with all his limbs still attached and functioning.

I currently have two new obsessions: my new lipbalm and the BBC3 series Being Human.  We were shopping Sainsbury’s on Saturday (at 8pm – god, we really know how to live it up!)  when I discovered Vaseline’s Rosy Lips in the toiletries aisle.  I am a sucker for anything in a dinky pink container, and a double sucker for anything smelling of roses, so I was never going to be able to resist this.   As well as moisturising in the good way Vaseline usually does, it turns your lips a lovely colour – just the hint of a soft, sheeny pink.  I  am always on the hunt for new lip products that colour delicately without drying the skin out, and this is ideal.  Also, at £1.49, it’s a complete bargain.

My obsession with Being Human is probably more to do with the lovely Aidan Turner, who plays Mitchell the vampire.  I know vampires are all the rage with the whole Twilight thing (not a series of books I’ve read yet), but man, he’s in a vampire league of his own.  The series was also filmed just around the corner from us, which means that we can play the whole “oh look, it’s our local/I know that house!/is that Cabot Tyres in the background?” game, which we also do with Skins.  It’s sort of like reality TV but without the shouting.


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