In which we have a veritable blanket of snow, and we decide to go sledging


I’m sitting on my couch and watching big, fat snowflakes fall outside.  Despite my stoicism, even I can’t get the car out of its two foot snow cocoon and make it to work, especially since I go through three counties and each council has differing attitudes to snow removal, depending on how much salt they’ve stockpiled.   So I’ve checked my emails, and done a bit of work from home, but as everyone in the entire country is off, there’s not really a lot I can do.  So I’m going to have another cup of coffee, and read my book, and enjoy doing nothing.  S is going to leave work after lunch and we’re heading to the park to go sledging and snowballing and all those things I wanted to do yesterday, but was too sensible to act on.   I just need to find something we can use for a sledge…


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