In which it snows a lot more, and I master a gladiator


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much snow in this part of the country before.  Growing up, we had a couple of times where it was deep enough to build a snowman, albeit a very small one.  I also remember attempting to slide down the small slope in our garden on a homemade wooden sledge, but Hans Brinker we certainly weren’t.

We woke up this morning, however, to find that about 5cm had fallen and coated everything in a fairytale dusting of icing sugar.  Walking to work was a mixture of amusement, where I attempted not to fall down the two steep hills that are part of my route, and magical, as I went through the park and marvelled at the trees with their lacy web of snowy branches.  There were lots of children sledging and having snowball fights in the park (as all British schools close when there is the hint of a snowflake), and, for a brief second, I was so tempted to forget work and join in. But then I remembered that I am 26, which made me feel a bit melancholy and old.

Last night in trapeze was good, as I had a go at pop offs, which weren’t nearly as scary as remembered them, and learnt a new trick called gladiator.  It’s the type of move I really like, as it looks incredibly complicated and dangerous and all that jazz, but is in fact very easy and safe.  It involves standing up on the bar, wrapping your feet around the ropes, and then sitting down until eventually you’re hanging upside down with bent knees and the ropes supporting you.  Easier seen than described, I think.  But I liked it and it’s a move that’s definitely going in my repertoire.  The plan for next block is to do routines, so I’ll be including that and my other favourite new trick – drop to mermaid from front balance.  I just hope I don’t have to wear gold lurex like last time.


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