In which it snows a lot, and I compete for the Best Girlfriend Ever title


It’s snowing here, which is pretty unusual for the UK.   It also means that everything grinds to a halt – only two of us made it into work today.  Having lived in Canada, and seen how they just deal with things like this, I find it embarrassing that we are unable to cope with snow – I know they’re more used to it, but still – 2cm and no trains?

I had a work thing yesterday at one of the nicest pub hotels in the area but passed up the chance to stay overnight – in the Little Sparrow room! – because it was S’ birthday and I felt guilty about leaving him.  There was a danger for about an hour that I was going to get snowed in, but I thought, no, I will make the effort to drive over the untreated country lanes to battle it back home, because even though we had the most boring evening planned (varnishing the staircase! glossing the coving!), it was his birthday and I felt I should be there.

When I discovered, however, that he has been asked to take up a last minute space on a snowboarding holiday to Banff next week, I started to regret my decision.   Not only do I love Canada, and want to visit Banff (especially after reading Holly’s posts this week), but we have our Deadline.  The Deadline is 20th February, and the mission is to get the house finished by then (well, as finished as a house ever really is).  The fact I have agreed to his going, and done so with the minimum of growling, definitely qualifies me for the Best Girlfriend Ever title.  The only positive thing about this is that I get some Jif crunchy peanut butter and Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix out of it.


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